we do that.


Plain and simple is our philosophy. We've all heard the phrase less is more. Within that simple idiocracy is a wealth of creativity. With each new client, we set out not only to develop a creative concept for the project, but strive to redefine that client's print and digital identity. Complexity and busyness can crowd the viewer's mind. Instead, simplicity can present the information which is most desirable to the consumer, in turn creating a definable relationship with that viewer.

For the duration of your relationship with ProGravix, you work with the same designer. We all share the desire for simplicity, and while each designer has their own creative style, we assure you of your complete satisfaction.

A great success is our ability to grow without any sort of advertising. Certainly we take advantage of social media and search engines, however, we do not spend a single cent on advertising. Our customers are driven to us by other satisfied customers. It's called effective word of mouth, and it works.

Our success depends upon our desire to create effective media for each and every client.

It's just that simple.

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